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Motec Life-UK is a medical charity based in West Hertfordshire comprising volunteer and allied health professionals whose objectives are to provide educational, training and health care services to the underprivileged people of the West African subcontinent especially Ghana. This is being achieved through a co-ordinated programme of working visits to TARGET HEALTH INSTITUTIONS/ORGANISATIONS in the sub-Saharan region (17 West African State members of the West African College of Surgeons). Membership is multi-disciplinary, multi-national multi-cultural and multi-faith to reflect on the current trend of One Global World, One People. The organisation is linked with the Tropical Health and Educational Trust (THET), affiliated to the World Orthopaedic Concern (UK) and supported by the International Organisation for Migration (I.O.M.) / Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA),  The Ghana High Commission (GHC-London), The London postgraduate School of Surgery, and also we cherish the tenets of  the World Health Organisation (WHO). The charity operates under an umbrella of   an experienced group of patrons including Lord David Alton of the Liverpool John Moores University and House of Lords.

Motec Life UK is registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales) - Registration Number 1118994 Follow us    

Motec Life-UK election procedure is now in process. All the relevant documentation is provided below.
2017 Election Timetable
Election Announcement 2017
Motec Nomination Form 2017
Motec Nomination Form 2017 (Word Document)

Nomination results 2017

The position for Treasurer for the 2017-2020 term is still vacant.
As per Article 17(12) and in line with the spirit of Article 18(9), nominations for treasurer would remain open until 21 March 2017 and election for Treasurer would take place at the AGM ON APRIL 2ND 2017

Vacant office of treasurer announcement

Mr. Paul  Ofori-Atta, Founding President of our charity has been chosen as one of three Gates heroes for 2017 (Health care in Africa)
Mr Ofori-Atta wishes to share this information with you all as you all deserve commendation for our hard work.
We await a final decision by Bill and Melinda Gates in the coming months. 
Our focus will remain helping the people of Ghana and the West African region. 
Any help from the philanthropists will  in no doubt help our on-going humanitarian projects. Been a humbling experience! 
Thank you for the honour Bill and Melinda!


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Special Features


Motec in Southern Ghana in October 2016

A short video about how Motec is training doctors in Ghana


Motec in the Ghanaian press - Ghanaian Times, Thursday 24th October 2013

Motec features prominently in
IOM-MIDA publication
(see pages 2, 3, 10, 12, 17, 22 & 23)

Motec in the press in Ghana

Appeal For Teaching Aids/Equipment




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Nomination results 2017


Vacant office of treasurer announcement


Motec Nomination Form 2017 (Word Document)


Election Announcement 2017


Motec Nomination Form 2017


Targeting Trauma in Ghana by Dr Bhakti Hansoti


Membership Application 2017 - 2018
Membership Application 2017-2018 (interactive form)


bullet Long bone fractures
bullet Neck of Femur Fractures
bullet Senior Manager Seminar


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*In 2010 Ghana announced a 60% increase in GDP
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Is Ghana the next African economic tiger?


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David Alton


Very interesting reading from Lord Alton on poverty and tropical diseases
on a special occasion of the visit of the former President of Ghana

Mr John Kufuor to UK


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