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    Updated 01/11/2010

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Entrance to St. Joseph's Hospital
Entrance to St. Joseph's Hospital

Out Patients at St. Joseph's Hospital
Out Patients at St. Joseph's Hospital

Ward at St. Joseph's Hospital
Ward at St. Joseph's Hospital

St Joseph's Hospital is sited in the Eastern Regional Capital and serves a population of around 250,000. It is a Catholic Mission Hospital which aims to provide effective and affordable care in Primary Health, General Medicine and Orthopaedic Trauma to all, regardless of ethnic or religious background.

In its ambition to provide high quality healthcare, the hospital has sponsored local doctors and other healthcare professionals to travel to the U.K. for Postgraduate training. There are plans to upgrade the facilities and standard of care to the level of a University Teaching Hospital.

With approximately 180 beds, St. Joseph's is one of the few orthopaedic hospitals in Ghana with a surprising catchment area encompassing the entire West African Sub-continent. Patients from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Burkina Fasso, Liberia and Togo are not uncommon at the hospital. In 2004, there were 32,192 new out-patients and 9,881 re- attendees, with 11% from outside the Eastern Region and 1% from neighbouring countries. Total admissions were 1,262 with 53 reported deaths. A total of 1,119 surgical procedures were carried out, around 60% being related to Orthopaedic Trauma. The Primary Heath Care Unit saw 60 new patients diagnosed with AIDS.

In annual report of 2004, the Hospital states, “we are so much constrained in improving the existing facilities in the theatre, OPD and the Wards since we have limited funding with a great deal of pressure from unpaid bills by some patients, especially in emergency care.”

Patients with bone and joint conditions which require basic skills and equipment to treat them, wait in wards for months due to a shortage of skilled manpower, medical materials and the cost of implants. Following the sudden death of one of the Senior Orthopaedic Surgeons in November 2006 (Dr. Oware Mensah of blessed memory, ex Medical Director), St. Joseph’s has been left with a single Orthopaedic Surgeon to cope with its increasing workload.

The Hospital has around 150 employees and the Government of Ghana supports the hospital financially by paying Staff salaries. St. Joseph’s has encouraged visits by Orthopaedic/Surgical teams from Germany and Holland, and recently Motec Life-UK from the UK, to assist the Hospital in improving the services and care available to patients.

The local healthcare workers are committed to improving the service they provide the community but need the support and guidance of many  organisations to maintain orthopaedic trauma services. Integral to this support is the education programme that Motec Life-UK undertakes at St. Joseph’s hospital. Improvements in basic facilities such as sterilisation of theatre equipment, powered instruments, waste disposal and peri-operative care still require human and material support if the hospital is to meet the needs of the patients. It is really the local commitment that drives us to support them in building their infrastructure and skill base.


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