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The Kelly Family Motec Support

A Motec delegation of Mr and Mrs Ofori-Atta have visited the Kelly Family in their U.K. residence at Birch Green on Saturday the 30th of June. This followed an invitation to Motec made by the Kelly Family to Motec at the QE11 Disco Motec in March of this year. The Kelly family played a significant role in the events leading to the final donation of 1075 realised by the QE11 disco dance Committee donated towards Theatre renovation at Motec target hospitals in Ghana.

True to their word, Carol and Charles Kelly discussed with the Motec delegation fund raising activities in support of the Recovery Ward Project At Koforidua St Joseph’s Hospital. During discussions the vast experience of the Kelly family in running humanitarian organisation emerged and ideas were exchanged regarding the way forward for Motec. The meeting was concluded with a final arrangement by Carol and Charlie putting together a plan to launch a fund raising week in September the climax of which will be focused on a quiz night on the 29th of September at a venue to be announced in due course. Raffle tickets and prices are being organised by the Kelly Family. It is hoped that Motec members will help sell some of the tickets. Members will also be encouraged to attend the quiz night which promises to be fun more than anything else.

Motec wishes to thank Carol and Charlie for their support. It has been noted that both have started working towards the fund raising week. Watch out for radio interviews and local advertisements on the project.  



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