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 Disco girl QEII Go Disco-Motec for Charity Friday, 4th May, 2007.

Disco-Motec   Jason at disco   Disco gratitude

The staff of Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City led by Ms Theresa Maunganidze (Theatre sister), Mr. Harish Parmar (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon), Dr Stephen Fox (Consultant Anaesthetist), Louise (Operating Department Practitioner) and Kate, heavily supported by Mr Jason Hewitt of Strawberry Medical have organised a disco at the hospital social club of to raise funds for Motec.

As expected it was a lively session full of fun and enjoyment. The dress code and music was of the 70’s variety. It was particularly very interesting to see the operation of DJ expertly performed by the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Parmar, ably assisted by a medical representative, Mr Hewitt with no anaesthetic interruptions. The floor dance show was stolen by the tremor dance of Theresa and the samba dance of a male staff of the hospital.

The function was attended by about 60 people including fund raiser Mr Charles Kelly, Mrs Christine Amakye. Motec’s President and wife (Mr. and Mrs Ofori-Atta) used the occasion to shake off the rust in their joints. An amount of 675.00, realised at the function was presented to Mr Ofori-Atta by Theresa for good causes. Receiving the money on behalf of Motec, Mr Ofori-Atta felt humbled by the event. He thanked the organisers and everyone who attended, and pledged to use the donation to sponsor specific project(s) at Koforidua St Joseph’s Hospital in Ghana and report back to the organisers in due course. He hoped that the event could be made an annual event. The donation represented the biggest cash pay out so far in support of Motec.

Other opportunities opened up for Motec with Mr Graham Kelly promising to organise quiz nights for the business community to raise funds for MOTEC’s theatre/recovery ward Equipment Fund. The function ended at about midnight.


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