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  Dublin, a Beautiful City on a Sunny July Day

With Wonderful People.

Motec duo Paul and Gladys Ofori-Atta flew into Dublin to meet up with two prominent people at Stillorgan Village of Dublin. Brother Laurence Kearns is the newly elected Provincial of the Order of St John of God of Ireland Hospitaller Services and Mr John Mitchell, the Executive Director of St John of God Development Company based in Dublin. Both men are extremely pleasant, caring and their words are inspiring. In a few words, you will understand what John stands for. The incredible length he will go to help people. Brother Laurence laid down the story of the foundation of the Order after the exemplary sacrificial life of a Portuguese Missionary St John of God, born in 1495. You could almost feel part of the force for change as the founding Missionary scrapped through difficulties with his health mission which, was later recognised leading to the foundation for the Order, initially providing mental health care which was extended to the physically disabled. St John died on his knees before the alter on the 8th of March 1550.

Motec’s base target hospital in Ghana is St Joseph’s Hospital, Koforidua which is administered by The Brothers of St John of God Hospitaller Services. The Order makes an incredible contribution to Health Care in the world operating in 52 countries mainly in Africa, Americas and Asia. In West Africa, the Order has hospitals in Ghana, Sierra Leone Senegal, Liberia and Cameroon. In Malawi the Order is involved in health education/training that turns out skilled personnel to support the national Health Care services. To address the underlying problems of malnutrition, the Order funds food programmes in Sierra Leone and Malawi. The Irish Province has been a key player in the development of most of these health institutions, and the campaign to improve patient care has never been isolated from the God-s-p-e-l. John has been instrumental in many developments in Africa with the support of Order and charitable people in Ireland, Holland and elsewhere. Both men had visited Ghana and Koforidua in the recent past. John provided a report on his recent visit to Asafo Hospital in the Western Region of Ghana as Motec provided a written documentary of the roots of Motec as well as the reality checks the organisation was facing.

Both sides exchanged views about plans to provide improved health care services in named target hospitals in Ghana. The meeting closed with both sides agreeing to work together for the benefit of mankind with Motec hoping to report back on various assignments.

The Motec duo felt humbled by the experience of meeting very prominent people who would give up precious time to talk about health care in Africa with such conviction and dedication. Motec wishes to thank Bro Laurence and Mr John Mitchell for the warm welcome to Ireland and their contribution to Health Care in Poverty stricken parts of the world. The weather in Dublin was warm and pleasant when Motec couple left Dublin. The forecast for the rest of the week was probably not so good, but there is no doubt that the warm heart of John and Laurence will remain so for the benefit of mankind. Below are pictures of the happy beginning of a collaboration between Motec and The Religious Order for mankind.

 Motec with Provincial in Dublin   Mr John Mitchell and Motec   Order of St John of God



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