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  April dates proposed

The proposed dates for the working visit to Ghana is 13th to 28th. There are already 9 members interested in the trip including two orthopaedic surgeons, emergency medicine doctor, physiotherapists, one orthopaedic trauma specialist, one scrub sister, one surgical assistant and one general technician and an anaesthetist.

We will be delighted with contributions members will make towards our fund raising to make the April trip materialise. This should not stop members nominating themselves for the trip as it is still early and individual circumstances may change.

A lot more work will be done during the April trip. It will be unfortunate to trim the size of the team if our finances are not up to scratch but I am very confident of further sponsorship. Some of the volunteers are happy to fund most of the cost of the air fare and Stephen Townsend has been a great ambassador with fund raising from school children which will go directly to the paediatric patents/ward. Jason has lined up bicycle a ride.


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