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    Updated 03/11/2015

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  Project Archive

9. Supporting training and improvements in health care.

In support of education and training, Motec Life - UK is pursuing a linkage between the London Postgraduate School of Surgery with Ghanaian teaching hospitals, the Medical and School of Health Sciences. This is hoped to support the training of surgical specialist, promote an exchange programme between UK and Ghana. Motec also wants to link up the alumni/alumnae of the Medical Schools in the diaspora especially (UK) to support their training institutions back in Ghana. The collaboration will be focusing on the diaspora's contribution to medical education through investment in human resources, provision of educational material and development of infrastructure.

8.   Book Project October 2009 - April 2010 in support of Health and Education

7.   Kattappana Observational Training COMPLETED

6.   a. NUWLIFE Project  |  b. NUWLIFE Project Review Paper | c. Mother and Child Care Project - Jirapa, North Ghana

5. Rural Based International Surgical Centre Receives Support

Motec has received overwhelming support for the creation of a surgical centre in rural Western Ghana. The project is aimed at providing an international arena for experts to train rural health work force and to treat patients most of whom reside on farmlands in the Western Region of Ghana.

Mr John Mitchell and Reverend Brother Laurence Kearns of Ireland are backing the local hospital administration and Motec Life UK to improve health care in rural Ghana. The project appeal for support in kind, cash, material and human resources is being launched by Motec Life -UK. This follows two visits to the site by the Motec leadership in October 2007 and June 2008.

At a meeting in London, Mr and Mrs Ofori-Atta representing Motec and Mr John Mitchell of Dublin Ireland, both parties pledged to work closely together for the good of mankind. An action plan has been laid out and targets set for full function of the centre within 8 months.

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4.   Destination Ghana

3. Mobility of Motec in Ghana

With large numbers of teams going to Ghana, the demand on the host local hospital transport in Ghana will soar. Minibuses are actually the only means of transport for medical supplies, staff trips etc. It may become necessary for Motec to appeal for a 10 to 12 seater vehicle to serve our organisation and other sister groups during working visits to Ghana. It should be a vehicle kept with a recommended responsible authority in Ghana outside general use to avoid problems.

2. Running Costs of Organisation / Educational Programmes in Ghana- Special Fund Project

Motec estimate that the running cost of the organisation and maintaining a reasonable educational programme would require stationary, laptop computers, projector, public address system, proper documentation and audit system. Sometimes the organisation may have to sponsor individuals who have no financial resources to receive both basic and complex surgery in Ghana. This means that running cost would run into several hundreds of pounds.

1. Cost of Freight for Equipment and Passenger Tickets Motec

It will cost a minimum of £1,900.00 to send a 20ft container to Ghana and about £550. 00 to send one motec member to Ghana. There are two Surgical teams each with a lead consultant in Orthopaedics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology ENT, Plastic/General Surgeons, Anaesthetist and a combination of appropriate selection of skilled personnel from a group of Physiotherapists, Operating Department Practitioners, Haematologists. Specialist Scrub nurses, Pharmacist Technicians, Surgical assistants, Registrars, Infection control experts, Occupational therapists, General nurses, Theatre equipment sterilisation, plaster technicians and other members from other departments per team for intensive two-week work in which several patients will undergo complex and basic surgery and rehabilitation. As from October 2007, Motec will be sending out three teams to meet the demand for help. Motec has in mind a separate fund that individuals or companies who are sympathetic to our course could contribute into or provide partial or full sponsorship of items or projects. Motec would welcome shipping agents, airlines, churches, manufacturing companies, individuals, business executives’ societies and members of the public to assist her in achieving her goals.



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