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Dear Volunteer,
AGM 2020 postponement and team visits to West Africa
A couple of weeks ago, we were looking forward to a Trustee meeting on the 5th of April. The situation continues to change around the world and lockdown is the norm.
In view of the current state of affairs, I have in good faith, with safety of our members in mind postponed the AGM indefinitely. The newly elected executive will run in a role as a non-Executive Trustee till the AGM officially confers the title 'New Executive'. A new date for the AGM will be agreed and published in due course. The term of office of the New Executive will be three years from the date of the AGM or as determined by the AGM and the constitution.
Also, all Motec team visits to Ghana / Nigeria / West Africa from now till mid-September all will be rescheduled. October and November teams may maintain their dates.
I urge you all to support all efforts to contain and dismantle the virus both in UK and Ghana.
The call by a member Oliver in support of medical and paramedical staff protection is laudable. I hope you will all contribute to this noble effort.
Thank you

P. Ofori-Atta MB.ChB(Univ. of Ghana). FRCS
Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hertfordshire, England  (rtd)
Founding President, Motec Life - UK


MOTEC Life UK supports PPE for Ghana Healthcare Workers
A group of doctors from the UK and Ghana supported by the the Ghanaian Association of Doctors in  Residency are leading a campaign to improve the amount of personal protective equipment available to Ghanaian healthcare workers.  They have heard the stories from HCWs of a significant lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) at many Ghanaian facilities and have decided to help our colleagues fighting CoViD19. 
They have set up a direct link with a PPE factory who is already supplying to groups in Nigeria and UK.  Their aim is to raise enough money as quickly as possible to enable us to purchase and supply the equipment needed as soon as possible. 

They have set up a fundraising 'GOFUNDME' page and would be grateful for any donations you could make. We ask that you please share the link on to whomever you feel could help.

Please visit their website 
http://www.ppeforghanahealthcareworkers.com/ for more information.
 To donate please visit their GoFundMe page:
Thank you for your support and help. 


In view of the health and safety issues surrounding the Corona Virus, it has become necessary for Motec executives and Trustees to hold a meeting in Hemel Hempstead at our Secretary Kay's residence on the 5th of April at 2 o'clock.
The usual AGM is therefore cancelled and replaced by an Emergency 'AGM'.
All items that should be on the AGM agenda will be discussed including inauguration of the New Trustees.
Email inviting members expected at this limited meeting will be circulated close to the time as situations could change. 
Thank you for your understanding.


Motec representatives had a wonderful meeting with Chief Patron Prof Lord David Alton on 14th of January 2019. The team of 5 led by Mr Ofori-Atta briefed Lord Alton on some of the areas that our charity is engaged in on the ground in Ghana and UK. Lord Alton encouraged the charity to continue to provide help for underprivileged people in Ghana, even if the numbers are not large. Training the trainers will continue  to be our main objective and specialist surgical services to those who would otherwise have been left in the 'dungeon'.
The team had the unique opportunity to sit in the House of Lords Chambers to observe the debate on Brexit. Mr Ofori-Atta  also had an opportunity  to discuss surgical training opportunities with Lord Ribeiro. 
Dr Ash Bhagat  at and Nick Tessier presented the radiology project, Victoria Tetley-isles presented education of special needs children while Mrs Sarah Paterson elaborated on her plan to support physically disabled children in Ghana. 
Our sincere gratitude to Lord Alton all  our volunteers and our sympathisers. 


Volunteering for a medical and educational Charity in Ghana Motec member Jane Jackson has written a superb article on the work that Motec is doing in Ghana. Below are the pages that were published in The Quainton News, her local parish magazine and village newsletter...
The Quainton News


Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of Motec Life-UK, As 2018 comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what has been an extraordinary year of achievements. We have a lot to be thankful for. With perseverance, great strides have been made and we have continued to make great headway with many of our objectives. We recount a few of the things we have done together this year....more

01/11/2018 Lord Alton lectures 2018 The two day lecture organised by Motec in collaboration with the GHANA College of Physicians and Surgeons took place in ACCRA with practical hands on sessions at the 37 Military Hospital and the ACCRA a Regional Hospital. . The programme incredibly brought out the best of Motec volunteers led by Dr Ashish BHAGAT and the. Radiology group from GHANA led by Dr Ewurama of the Military Hospital. Request from participants in 2018 will be looked at in shaping the 2019 course.
01/11/2018 Motec makes positive moves in support of the urgent need for vascular surgeons for GHANA.
Motec WACS was represented by Prof STANDFIELD, Mr PETER DYSON, and  Mr Kristian Aquilina. The team if surgeons and nurses from GHANA was led by Dr Lily Awuah, a consultant vascular surgeon. Two surgeons on the London training programme and nurses on a planned observatory attachment to London Hospitals also attended the meeting which took place at the Kirle Bu Teachimg Hospital. The GHANA College was represented by Dr William Appeadu. The interactive meeting was arranged by Mr Ofori-Atta, Founding President of Motec Life UK
09/08/2018 Mr Ofori-Atta, volunteer staff of Raigmore Hospital - Inverness and representatives of Scottish Scouts call on the British High Commissioner His Excellency Mr Ian Walker in Accra.
June 2018

Motec facilitated anatomy lectures from London for Medical students of University of Health and Allied Sciences at Ho has taken off very well.
Pictures show students of UHAS participating in the interactive teaching from a lecturer teaching from the anatomy department in London.
The programme was set up at the request of the Dean of the University to support the local teaching staff.


This is a great new way of donating to MotecLife-UK and is totally free of charge.
All you have to do is do your normal online shopping via this website and the company will pay the donation to Motec. No extra cost to yourself at all!

It's really that simple.

They have an App too!
Please start to use this website to support MotecLife-UK
Thank You

04/06/2018 About 30 participants attended Motec’s 2018 AGM held on Sunday 3rd June at Hemel Hempstead Hospital postgraduate centre.
The 2018 theme was ‘From Success to Significance'...read more

Motec share experiences with staff of Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, Scotland

Two senior members of  Motec spent two nights in the Highland District of Scotland (31st May to 2nd June). The team from. Motec Mr Ofori-Atta and Mr Caesar Owusu Mensah were welcomed at Inverness airport and hosted by Ms Jo Busby, an active member of Motec and a senior Scout leader who has led many missions to Ghana and successfully completed projects for the blind and the Hohoe Community of Ghana.
The Motec Team made two presentations to about 20 midwives, sonographers and senior management staff of the hospital. The theme 'Preparing for the Unknown' was most appropriate as Raigmore staff embark on a new project linking their hospital with Hohoe hospital in Ghana.
The lively interactive session was intended to prepare the first batch of four staff members going to Ghana for the first time . They will be supported by Ms Busby and senior Scottish Scout leader Russel. The Motec team was impressed by the dedication of the hospital staff to the project. They had put in a lot of effort time, material and money. They were pleasant , keen to learn about delivering the project successfully. Motec enjoyed a marvellous reception by the staff and host Jo. This was topped up with a sumptuous dinner by the Ness River. 
The hospital team leaves for Ghana soon.
Mr Ofori-Atta and Caesar took the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape of Inverness (the town overlying the mouth of River Ness).  In spite of the team's effort to discover the Monster of Lochness (Lake  Ness), not even a trace of the Monster was located other than the artwork on cars and walls of the imaginary animal legend.
It has been planned for Mr Ofori-Atta to meet the hospital team at the end of their campaign in Accra on the final day.
Motec wishes the Raigmore team the best of everything.


Motec with the Dean and basic science lecturers of the University of Allied Health Sciences at Ho, Volta Region of GHANA.
The programme is expected to link the university with London and would also include interactive lectures with full participation of lecturers and students of the University.
APRIL 2018

27/09/2017 GPA-MotecLife Physiotherapy Workshop
26/08/2017 The New Ghana High Commissioner, His Excellency Papa Owusu-Ankomah gave audience to Motec Life UK at the Commission in London on 24th August 2017.  Motec team of 5 were warmly welcomed by His Excellency and discussions were centred on health care related projects of Motec of interest to the Commission and Ghana as whole.  His Excellency led a strong team with three heads of departments including Mr William Osafo, Mr Blankson and Mr Kofi Addo responsible for Education, Consular Services and Tarde/Investment.
Motec expresses her sincere gratitude to His Excellency for the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between our charity and Ghana through the Commission happening a few weeks in office in London.

NewsDeeply  WOMEN AND GIRLS' HEALTH  video Saving Lives by Bringing U.K. Skills to Ghana’s Young Surgeons


News Flash
Mr. Paul Ofori-Atta, Founding President of our charity has been chosen as one of three Gates heroes for 2017
(Health care in Africa)

Mr Ofori-Atta wishes to share this information with you all as you all deserve commendation for our hard work.
We await a final decision by Bill and Melinda Gates in the coming months. 
Our focus will remain helping the people of Ghana and the West African region. 
Any help from the philanthropists will  in no doubt help our on-going humanitarian projects. Been a humbling experience! 
Thank you for the honour Bill and Melinda!

12/12/2016 Motec Life UK election is due in 2017. Our election officer will be announcing the procedure on the website on or about 7th January 2017


Motec's 10th anniversary celebratory fund raising event at The House of Lords

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11/11/2015 Ghanaian Times News Article

Motec at the Ghana High Commission, Belgravia Square, London. Motec held talks with Ghana High Commissioner and his high powered team in London on Thursday 16th July. Matters of mutual interests were discussed in an atmosphere of friendship and statesmanship. Gratitude to H.E. Mr Victor Smith and his team for the wonderful opportunity. Picture shows His Excellency (middle) with his team  and Motec volunteers at the end of the 1 hour of discussions. Motec delegation was made up of Mr Peter Dyson, Prof Nigel Standfield, Mr Caesar Mensah, Dr Louisa Draper,and Mr Ofori-Atta, Among the team members of His Excellency were Mr William Osafo (Minister responsible for Education) and Mr Kofi Addo (Trade)

14/05/2015 Heart of Gold George Digby laid to rest

Dear volunteer / friend, the news is out that our dear Zena Bullmore (MBE) has passed away on the 2nd of April...Read more
A Tribute To Zena The Warrior Princess

09/04/2015 World Orthopaedic Concern-UK conference Oxford, 6th June 2015 invitation to get involved. Support WOC-UK and MotecLife-UK in effort to improve traumacare in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Dear Volunteer, We have had a successful small team working visit to Ghana. Unfortunately we also have a deadline to clear the donated sewing material /curtains from St Albans City Hospital by the 14th of November.
In view of the ultimatum,I am re-scheduling our 16th November de-briefing meeting to this Sunday 9th to minimise numerous trips to Hemel Hempstead by volunteers.This Sunday, we now have two activities planned Sunday 9th NOVEMBER:
a. 11.30am
- Collection of sewing material from St Albans City Hospital , Waverley Road AL3 5PN  to Blue Box Storage, 45 Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7DF. I am hoping to hire a truck and book storage at the Blue Box.
b. 2pm - 3pm
- Motec post travel meeting at postgrad centre, Hemel Hempstead HP2 4AD. This meeting will be looking at October trip and future plans. All the best!

03/11/2014 Motec-Life led a 3 man UK team to support the examination faculties of the West African College of Surgeons’ final fellowship examinations in Accra Ghana. The team was involved in the orthopaedic and cardiothoracic primary and final fellowship examinations in Accra. Prof Nigel Standfield, Mr Peter Dyson and Mr Paul Ofori-Atta were in Accra for five days for the exercise which further strengthened the collaboration between UK (Motec, London School of Postgraduate Surgery, World Orthopaedic Concern UK) and the West African College of Surgeons. The working visit has been one of the best since the establishment of the links 2 years ago. Picture above shows Mr Ofori-Atta (seated centre of picture) and Mr Dyson on his left. Motec expresses appreciation of the work of the volunteers and the WACS executives.

A letter to our patron Lord Alton: 26th September 2014.

Dear Lord Alton,

I feel very sad and concerned about life in general for people struck by or living with the EBOLA VIRUS in West Africa. Reading the story of the outbreak from Liberia, I see how people I knew sadly lost their lives working as missionaries in Liberia and also how many more not in the 'picture' are suffering from the disease. A whole religious community 'broken' by the disease physically but spiritually strong to stick together.

The diary of Mr Osei-Owusu - attached, does really put me right in the middle of the chaos and the sudden depletion of lives and friends. Bro Patrick and Brother George (Brothers of St John of God) are people I have worked with through our charity in 2 of our target hospitals in Ghana. It is sad that help for them was very limited. I am however encouraged by how they gave up their lives still holding onto their faith as missionaries and servants of God.

May God help all those in such difficulties and may those who have lost their lives rest in eternal peace!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Ofori-Atta

Daily dairy ebola crisis Monrovia by Eugene Osei-Owusu

Lord David Alton’s response:

Dear Paul,

What a very sad story. Thank you for sharing it with me. What heroes for humanity. May they rest in peace.



Dear Volunteers - Motec packaging part 2
We are meeting again at the Highland Drive, Hemel Hempstead HP3  at 10.45am this Sunday (21st September) to complete the packaging of donated stuff. We are hoping to complete the packaging by lunch time on Sunday. Hot beverages available during the packaging. As usual, team late buffet planned.
See you soon!

10/09/2014 Motec Life Charity Disco flyer

Volunteers at Motec Garage do a work out for humanity
In preparation for Motec’s freight to target hospitals in Ghana and in support of the income generating project for families with malnourished children at Jirapa district (NUWLIFE), Volunteers have been working hard to package sewing machines and equipments at Hemel Hempstead. Nine volunteers from Hertfordshire and Southend happily worked together for about 4 hours to pack the first 60 sewing machines and about 50 boxes for Ghana. In the end, the tired volunteers chilled out the Taiwanese way in Hemel Hempstead town centre. See Gallery

14/08/2014 Dr Albert Koomson Consultant Anaesthetist West Herts NHS Trust Watford General 1964-2014
Motec Mourns Dr Albert Koomson. May he rest in peace. May his family stay strong at this difficult time.

URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT Re- October trip 2014

01/07/2014 Piza Summer Pizza lunch on Saturday 5th July  Directions

As per constitution, there is no limit to the number of terms to serve as a Trustee and existing Trustee can confirm their interest to stay on provided he or she can get support from any of our existing and registered members. A contest will arise if other nominees are confirmed by the electoral officer for the same position.
Our electoral officer Dr Kofi Amu Darko can be contacted by nominees by email 
Election announcement 2014   Election timetable 2014   Motec nomination form 2014


Election year 2014!
In line with our constitution, I announce 2014 election approximately 3 months before our AGM on 27th April.
Our electoral officer Dr Kofi Amu Darko can be contacted by nominees by email 
As per constitution, there is no limit to the number of terms to serve as a Trustee and existing Trustee can confirm their interest to stay on provided he or she can get support from any of our existing and registered members. A contest will arise if other nominees are confirmed by the electoral officer for the same position..
Further details on positions and the process of nomination and rules will be released by Dr Kofi Amu Darko (Fiifi). Campaigning will start as soon as Fiifi gives the go ahead. 

All the best!


In support of improvements in orthopaedic trauma care in the developing world,
The World Orthopaedic Concern UK announces a conference in Leicester on 10th May 2014

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Jodi & Hazel Run the 2013 Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon Iceland Marathon


Motec in the Ghanaian press - Ghanaian Times, Thursday 24th October 2013

27/09/2013 Goodbye to IOM-MIDA boss Ralph Welcker

Motec now has a You Tube channel where videos of our work & charity fundraising functions etc. will be posted for all to view.
Please visit You Tube and subscribe to our channel & help
Spread the word.


Sew simplebut this lifesaving scheme needs storage support hemeltoday
A new project to save the lives of children
suffering from malnutrition under a charity set up by a Hemel Hempstead surgeon has been launched at Westminster.
Motec Life-UK, works in one of the harshest and poorest environments in the world – Jirapa, a district in Ghana – where it teaches women how to sew so that they can earn money to put food in the mouths of their children...full report
Life Saving NUWLIFE Project publication in the Gazette

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Deaf Shepherd 'drum up' donations from customers at the Angel, Toddington
Deaf Shepherd would like to say a very big thank you to Lester, all the staff and the Customers at the Angel, Toddington when we played there on Saturday night! (8th December) for your generosity in donating to our charity.
By the time you all went home there was almost £40 in the bucket, which we will ensure goes towards Motec's NUWLIFE project to bring sustainable help to malnourished children in Jirapa, Ghana, West Africa.
On their behalf, and from us representing the Charity, THANK YOU!

06/12/2012 On August Bank Holiday Monday The White Lion Pub in St Albans held its annual Charity Beer Festival and Music Event...more
06/12/2012 Motec features prominently in IOM-MIDA publication (pages 2, 3, 10, 12, 17, 22 & 23)
05/09/2012 deSoutter steps in again! Mr Max De Soutter, the International Sales Manager of a British surgical power tool manufacturer has donated a set power tools worth about ten thousand pounds sterling to MotecLife-UK to assist with orthopaedic trauma work by the charity in Ghana.  more...
24/07/2012 *** Breaking News - Ghana's President John Atta Mills dies ***
01/07/2012 Quainton Summer Picnic
29/06/2012 African Conference on Emergency Medicine (Advert)
21/05/2012 Motec Trustees worship with Hatfield Road Methodist Church St Albans Full Report
06/05/2012 Rajah Donates to Nkawkaw HIV Victims Full Report
03/05/2012 The Harpenden scouts led by their leadership hosted Motec at their anniversary celebration in Harpenden on 30th April 2012. The function was attended by the scouts commissioner and honorary queen mother of Hohoe Mrs Jo Busby. Motec was represented by Mrs Kay Bowers- a personal secretary of Motec’s President, Mrs Linda Bigham- Trustee Executive and Mr Ofori-Atta, President of the organisation.  Full Report   Newspaper Article (Also see Gallery)
18/04/2012 Publication in Ghana Friday 13th April

Hertfordshire comes alive again! - Full Report (Also see Gallery)


Ghana's Independence Day in London Movie Clip (National Anthem)


Moving From Success To Significance Address by Daasebre Professor (Emeritus)
Oti Boateng, Omanhene of New Juaben, President Of Eastern Regional House of Chiefs and Patron of MotecLife-UK at a Dinner Organised in Daasebre’s Honour in St Albans City on 29th January 2012.
Read the full address

29/01/2012 Magic show in London on 15th February to raise funds for Motec Educational Projects in Ghana at The Abbey Tavern 124 Kentish Town Road, London NW1 9QB - 020 7267 9449 - Poster (6.72mb)

BBC News

*In 2010 Ghana announced a 60% increase in GDP
*Ghana: Accra's Melcom department store collapses

*Anger at Ghana salary increases for politicians
*Ghana's President John Atta Mills dies
*Could Ghana's new Azonto dance craze take over the world?
*Plane crash lands at Ghana's Kotoka International Airport killing ten

BBC Health *Hip resurfacing prone to failure, say doctors
*MHRA: Metal hip implant patients need life-long checks
*Fake malaria drugs could 'put millions at risk'

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- -/12/2011

New Year Message  |   Video Message (16mb)


Merchant Bank of Ghana Donate to Motec's NUWLIFE Project
Motec Life –UK has received an amount of one thousand pounds (£1000.00) from Merchant Bank Ghana Limited towards the Nutrition Working For Life Project for the rehabilitation for malnourished children in the Jirapa District in Ghana. The amount was paid into Motec’s account in September. more...


President John Evans Atta Mills expresses his gratitude to Motec at the 37 Hospital in Accra


All Smiles With Kit Aid from KITAID
Motec has yet again presented sports kit of jerseys, tracksuit and footballs to Akosombo International School.
In addition Warehouse operatives football team at the transport department of Volta River Authority also had kits donated during the October 2011 Motec’s working visit to Ghana. Four sets of brand new jerseys / track suits) and 10 footballs of premiership quality were presented on behalf of KITAID by Mr Ofori-Atta (supported by Mrs Lesley Bailey and Mr Mahapatra of Motec) to Mr Seshie of Akosombo International and Mr Isaac Doe of VRA transport department.
Mr Ofori-Atta also delivered a message of goodwill from Mr Derrick Williams, founder of KITAID, a British Charity. Recipients expressed their gratitude for the donation and asked for help for their sister institutions and departments. Movie clip


Motec Life – UK has held a fund raising event at the JFK comprehensive school on the 1st of October.
The event was attended by about 200 people mainly families, friends and supporters of good causes. In spite of a few hitches, delays and difficulties of some guests attending (for which Motec Life apologises), the event was very well attended and fruitful.
An amount of £3,220 has been realised (and still counting). The NUWLIFE project for Jirapa has now received a massive boost.
Our sincere gratitude to all especially the event organisers, voluntary caterers, artists, musicians, D.J. Eben, The Ghana High Commissioner and his representative, and everyone who in many ways contributed to the success of the function.
Flowers for decoration this year were donated by Kelly Shearson of Kelly ‘Kreations’ of Hemel.
Our sincere gratitude to all. A combination of Music, cultural show and Dinner have been listed for the 2012 fund raising on or about the 6th of


Motec review meeting 20th Aug 2011
The Motec review meeting in Hemel Hempstead was attended by about 40 members. A range of subjects and projects were discussed and significant procedural protocols were agreed. The October working trip to Ghana and the 1st October Dinner Dance were the key areas that the members deliberated upon with pretty good consensus of opinion. Next meeting is planned for the 11th of September 2011.


Nuwlife Project receives community and political support
Mr and Mrs Felicity Adu-Mills and family supported by friends and the church elders of Grace Baptist Church at Tema have been involved in a fund raising event in Ghana in support of Motec’s Nutrition Working for Life Project for the Jirapa District... More


Andrew and Sarah start their epic walk up Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Nuwlife. We wish them a successful campaign.
Go Sarah! Go go Andrew!


Sakumono's Grace Baptist Church is the venue for Motec's Jirapa's NUWLIFE Fund Raising event Sunday 7th August 14.00 - 18.00. Chairman : Chief of Jirapa. Mrs Felicity Adu-Mills invites you attend / support us. You may also donate through PAYPAL on our website.


Invite To Jirapa Rehab Centre Fundraiser


MotecLife-UK and KITAID Collaborate in ' Youth Sports Medicine
Mr Ofori-Atta has delivered footballs and sports kit to Akosombo International School at the end of the June 2011 working visit to Ghana. The donation is part of collaboration between Motec Life - UK and a British Charity called KITAID that aims at supporting the youth develop their football talents and also make a healthier use of their free time...(read full report)


Siblings Sarah and Andrew Daniels start their week long attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on 5th August 2011 to raise funds for Motec Life-UK.
"On August 5th my brother Andrew and I will attempt to climb Africa's highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro.
Its something we've wanted to do for ages, and through Mydonate we can take the opportunity to raise some funds for MotecLife-UK.
Africa's highest peak stands 3 miles above the surrounding plains. We will be travelling along the lesser-used wilderness route: the Rongai route. The climb will take us 6 days to get up there, hopefully allowing us to acclimatise to the altitude.
Coming down is faster - only 2 days." Please visit Mydonate and make a donation.


Another Quainton Summer Delight
For the fourth year running, Jane and Nigel Jackson have entertained friends and families at their Mill View Home at Quainton, Buckinghamshire and raised amazingly £822.40 towards Motec's Nutrition Working for Life. Excellent company, sumptuous food and wonderful array of drinks. The rare carnivorous plants were absolutely fabulous. Nigel the chef was at his best.
'I have had an excellent day of fun, food and friendships'- says Felicity. Patti said - 'I am ashamed that I am collecting all these wonderful raffle prizes'.
The top raffle winner was Caroline who had an African artwork worth about £50. Gratitude to Nigel and Jane for their wonderful contribution to humanity. Ruth the raffle ticket organiser was very effective in selling the tickets as well as donating money herself toward the event. Also our gratitude to all participants who not only graced the organisation but went further to donate generously cash, raffle prizes food and drink. About 50 people attended the event.


St. Josephs Hospital Gets New Trauma Centre


Teachers and Students of Barnfield School who helped with collection and donation of educational materials to Motec


Another successful Motec music quiz raises much needed funds for Ghana. £104 in total.
Thank you to all who took part and for your fantastic generosity. Motec & Ghana thank you.


A PayPal Donation button has been added to our 'Support Us' and 'Contact Us' pages, so now it is easier than ever to help Motec.


Steve & Dave are holding a charity Music Quiz at The Blacksmiths Arms Public House in St. Peters Street, St. Albans on Sunday 3rd April. 7 o'clock start. Click for details.


Motec Life - UK participates in International Organisation for Migration (IOM) - Migration and Development In Africa (MIDA) projects in Ghana


Mida Ghana Health III Project Quarterly Update -July -Sept 2010 


Mida Ghana Health III Project Quarterly Update -October-December 2010


We have added a daily crossword puzzle to the website. You will find it at the bottom of this page and as the title suggests, it will change daily. Like it - Dislike it?  Let us know what you think


Hemel Hempstead Gazette’s Public Appeal Receives Overwhelming Response Across the County
18/02/2011 Herald Express sums it all up (17/01/2011)

Motec Receives Donation from J Sainsbury's Community Grant

09/02/2011 Motec Article in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette 9th February, 2011

Mr. Caesar Mensah had withdrawn his candidature for the post of vice president and given his unreserved backing to Dr. Christine Amakye for the same.
Therefore it is declared that all positions for the Moteclife 2011 elections have been filled unopposed.
The Elected Officers for the period 2011 - 2014 are attached below.


MotecLife 2011 Election results


1. Please find below the results of the nominations for the 2011 elections
2. With the exception of the post for Vice Presidency all positions were decided unopposed as there was only one candidate. So voting will take place to decide the Vice President
3. Campaign material from the Vice presidential candidates will be forwarded to you when they become available
4. Ballot forms will be made available on 30th January 2011 (provision is made for both postal & email)
5. All votes must be received by 16th March 2011


Nomination results 2011

24/01/2011 Nominations have now closed for our 2011 elections.
We will now take our time to go through the nominations and make the choices that will improve our organisation 'responsibly'.
Our election officer and legal advisor will soon declare the details (website).
Thank you all for participating in this first phase of our democratic process.

BBC News

*New approach to malaria vaccine revealed by Oxford researchers
*Glasgow surgeon using ultrasound to treat fractures
*Is the mosquito menace growing in the UK?
*Are the days of the plaster cast numbered
*Cases of malaria among UK travellers rise

*Click travels to Africa to discover how satellite internet connections are transforming the lives of villagers in rural Zambia

BBC Health *GM mosquitoes offer malaria hope

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23/12/2010 MotecLife 2011 Election & AGM arrangements' Documents added to Documents Page (Word & PDF)

Motec 2011 calendar's are now in print. These beautiful calendars will be on sale from 1st Dec. for £10 each plus p&p.
Please contact Linda, Kay or Christine, or you can order here via email


30/08/2010 Regional Capital in Ghana in Distress (Wa, Upper West)
15/08/2010 St Albans Student Motec-vated to Help AIDS-HIV Victims in Ghana
19/07/2010 June 2010 Working visit - A success!
NB: See Gallery for Photos

1000 Miles For Charity - Please Sponsor Me

10/06/2010 World Cup Panel in Hemel Hempstead
25/04/2010 Motec Holds Her Breath For Kattappana
21/04/2010 Motec in Hemel Gazette
07/04/2010 Brentford Free Church offers Support for Rural Public Health in Ghana
05/04/2010 Hertfordshire Teacher in Sub-Saharan Africa
13/03/2010 Motec meets Patron Prof Lord David Alton at the House of Lords
07/03/2010 Motec Celebrates With Ghana
Cambridge Speech. Ghanaians- Look No Further!
Cultural Show VIDEO CLIP
06/03/2010 MOTEC invitation letter
in aid of a medical examination table
06/03/2010 IOM MIDA Heath Quarterly Newsletter
14/02/2010 Motec's AGM Draws Near
Special Invite
Business Agenda - AM Session
Agenda - PM Session
13/02/2010 'Marks & Spencer' Donates to Motec
31/01/2010 Motec Holds Reception for IOM / MIDA Project Manager in Hemel Hempstead
25/01/2010 Sponsored Charity Golf Day at Silverstone Golf Club
Click here for an Entry Form
13/01/2010 Music Quiz a Hit with the Pop Pickers
10/01/2010 SO Direct Intervenes
08/01/2010 Interesting BBC News Article - Turning wood into bone

BBC News

*Connected Africa

*Ghana's amazing coffins

*Turning Wood Into Bones

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20/12/2009 Parishioners Lead in Support of Motec's Causes
08/12/2009 The New Dawn - as Motec's Vice President (Act.) takes offices and pledges-  commitment, dedication, preservation of values, promotion of good causes and others
06/12/2009 The International Surgical Centre at Sefwi Asafo takes shape
06/12/2009 Motec & International Development Company move to support training
06/12/2009 Dr. Serwaa in London
28/11/2009 Charity Worker Ties The Knot
15/11/2009 Motec in Ghana October 2009 - Another Marathon
15/11/2009 Transition & Hope Beckons
09/11/2009 Sodirect Company Shoulder to Shoulder with Motec Life - Uk in Trauma Care
07/10/2009 Motec Dined & Motec Danced
28/09/2009 Here at Last
Saturday, October 3rd Dinner - Dance
21/09/2009 Motec Humbled by Experiences in India
Motec Autumn 09 Dinner Dance Invite
03/08/2009 MIDA in Ghana-Report for May-June 2009
03/08/2009 October 09 working visit - recourse personnel and project sponsorship gathers momentum
25/07/2009 Motec Lends Support to HIV/AIDS Victims,
Health Workers and Campaigners
22/07/2009 Quainton Summer Delight
14/07/2009 Safe Landing, Gratitude & Summer BBQ
04/06/2009 Summer Time Walk for Motec Life-UK
26/05/2009 Summer Joyous Break for Charity
26/05/2009 MOTEC MEETS Sunday 7th June in Hemel Hempstead. Come with family and friends.
05/04/2009 AGM 2009 Report (preliminary)
A Trail of Solidarity with Humanity & the People of Ghana
27/03/2009 An Audience With Deaf Shepherd & Friends
Deaf Shepherd, popular St. Albans based rock covers band play the Maltings Art Theatre in St. Albans on Saturday 2nd May 2009, supported by the very talented Duo MacLaren Wall
This special night is in aid of Motec Life-UK, a local charity of health care professionals who take medical services to Ghana Two of the 'Sheps' are key members of Motec and are keen to maximise the event and 'spread the word' about their work
 All monies raised this evening will be used towards travel assistance for our non sponsored members
Tickets are £12 and are available at the Maltings Art Theatre Box Office Tel: 01727 844222
Get the Poster
04/03/2009 Flyer Wales International Health Links Conference 2009
Booking Form For Links Conference

Booking Form For Links Conference

Volunteers to Contact:
25/02/2009 Couch Potato Quiz Night 25th April 2009  
25/02/2009 Focus on AGM. Exciting & Encouraging
23/02/2009 Charity Basketball Afternoon Saturday 14th March 2009
19/02/2009 Motec AGM 21st February 2009 CANCELLED. New Date 29th March 2009. Watch This Space!!
02/02/2009 Motec AGM 21st February 2009
29/01/2009 Love is in The Air with Corrine & Jon
26/01/2009 Motec plays back
to QT & The Reservoir Dogs
25/01/2009 WOC AGM & Programme
11/01/2009 Couch Potato Quiz Night 7th February 2009   CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW

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30/12/2008 Motec goes Dutch in IOM Journal
21/12/2008 Motec Life UK Flourishes at Northwick Park - Hospital Bulletin Suggests
16/12/2008 Motec Visit The House of Lords 3rd Dec 2008
09/12/2008 Gary Donates to Motec With a Smile
31/10/2008 AGM 07 Speech by Paul Ofori-Atta (edited 10/08)
30/10/2008 Gary Lifts Motec Higher and Higher
10/10/2008 Gary Takes Motec Life To The Skies
04/10/2008 A common purpose for humanity 4th October Dinner Dance
The 4th October Dinner Dance at St Mary and St Joseph's Parish Hall at 186 St Johns Road, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. HP1 1NR is ready to roll.
The function will provide entertainment, food, drink , company and the music of your choice. Please send your special song requests to Dr Hiller (QT band) on ed_hiller@yahoo.co.uk  or DJ Eben at kwameebebezer@yahoo.co.uk
Funds raised will be in support of this October's working visit in particular paramedic workshop in Ghana. A few tickets may be available at the gate. Programme starts at 5pm till 11p.m. Come with family and friends for £15 adult £5 children under 16. See you all soon.   P. Ofori-Atta
29/09/2008 Charity Workers Extend Glorious Support For Motec in Ghana
28/09/2008 Christine Delivers Charity Message To Holy Child Past Students Association
25/09/2008 PROPOSED DATES FOR 2009

Tuesday 14th to Wednesday 29th April. Mainly Educational. Good Friday 10th April

Friday 12th to Sunday 29th.

Saturday 10th to Sunday 25th …Bank holiday 26th Summer time ends 25th
12/09/2008 Agenda - Motec Meeting 14/09/2008
24/08/2008 Appeal for Help - St. Ann’s Maternity Clinic Donyina Ashanti Region - Ghana
June 2008 Report
The programme was backed by MIDA through sponsorship
of most of the travelling members and provision of educational
funds. Thank you hard working Ralph, Hans, Monica, David Appiah
of MIDA GHANA 111 Project.
15/07/2008 Ghanaian Times News Article on Motec Life
15/07/2008 Motec June Team Returns & June Trip Feedback

Get Ready For a Fabulous 4th October Evening
Q.T. & The Reservoir Dogs
Motec Life - UK has booked a Hall in Hemel Hempstead for a Dinner Dance on the 4th of October. Enjoy the evening with the Oxfordshire based Band – Q.T. and the Reservoir Dogs. It will be fun, food, drinks and friendships as we raise funds together for Motec’s work in Ghana / Africa.
Poster/More details here...

21/05/2008 Zena Bullmore MBE. A Fortress of Experience
& Character for Humanity.
An interview by Louisa Draper, May 2008
07/05/2008 Motec's Solidarity Gesture
06/05/2008 Motec Envisages a Medical Voyage...
06/05/2008 Diary & Summary of April 2008 Trip
06/05/2008 Corin Continues to Support Motec's
Orthopaedic Trauma Work in Ghana
06/04/2008 Message from MIDA
19/03/2008 British Government on Global Partnership
21/02/2008 Motec February Team Returns Home
31/01/2008 An Audience with Deaf Shepherd & Friends Report
15/01/2008 Professor Eldryd Parry OBE visits Hemel Hempstead Hospital
15/01/2008 Ghanaian Day Report
12/01/2008 Motec Medical Materials Ready for Ghana

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31/12/2007 Happy New Year & New Year Events
12/12/2007 SOS...HELP REQUIRED
11/12/2007 Ghanaian Day - A Day To Remember
05/12/2007 Motec Focuses on Education & Training
04/12/2007 Elected Motec Executives 2007
29/11/2007 An Audience with Deaf Shepherd and Friends
22/11/2007 Membership Notice: Public agenda for AGM 1st Dec 07
16/11/2007 Special Feature...Sue Holder, Motec Accounts Officer Doubling Up With Late Evening Work
02/11/2007 Open Letter from The President
08/10/2007 Motec Election Results
03/10/2007 Motec Elections Nominations Deadline Sunday 7th October2007
01/10/2007 Kelly Quiz Night Report
29/09/2007 Annual Anniversary Lecture Invite
11/09/2007 Marathon of Collaborative Work
09/09/2007 Kelly Quiz Night 29th Sept 2007
08/09/2007 Education section added
02/09/2007 Motec Elections 2007
01/09/2007 Ghana High Commission welcomes Motec
01/09/2007 Intersurgical becomes Motec's latest sponsor
14/08/2007 Sri-Lankan Night Report
24/07/2007 Sri Lankan Night / Dinner Dance is Arranged For The 11th of August
23/07/2007 Democracy Comes Alive At Motec
23/07/2007 Corin Supports Training of Local Doctor from Koridua St Joseph's Hospital
18/07/2007 X-Ray Vision For Motec Target Hospitals
10/07/2007 Dublin, a beautiful City on a sunny July day
03/07/2007 The Kelly Family Motec Support
03/07/2007 June Teams Return To UK
17/06/2007 Motec Football Gala, a Healthy Fun Day
26/05/2007 British ‘Motec’ Shoulder to Shoulder with ‘FOCUS’ America
26/05/2007 Motec moves into second gear
06/05/2007 QEII Go Disco-Motec for Charity
06/05/2007 Motec at Corin
06/05/2007 Motec team meet patron at The House of Lords
06/05/2007 April delegation return from tour of duty
07/04/2007 April Team Prepares for Koforidua
30/03/2007 Done deal
23/03/2007 Two Motec reps in Ghana
22/03/2007 West-Herts / Motec meet Ghanaian Health Delegation and the (THET) Team, 22nd March, 2007
11/03/2007 Motec President at I.O.M./M.I.D.A. Conference Monday 12th March
10/03/2007 Orthopaedic Team from Q.E.II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City planning for Koforidua

Motec Attends International Conference on UK-Ghana Health Links

01/03/2007 Charity Five-a-Side Football Match
01/03/2007 New Consultant joins
13/02/2007 The team returns from Ghana
12/01/2007 Getting ready for the task ahead
04/01/2007 April dates proposed

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